Technology Advisory, Implementation and Training

We evaluate, consolidate, and connect information technology systems and processes to reduce costs, enable scaleability, enhance business engagement, and reconcile disjointed technologies that lead to duplication and waste.

Our unique perspective, informed by different functional, regulatory, and technical expertise, helps organizations grow and scale while at the same time addressing strategic risks and threats.

Technology and software are fundamental tools in building and protecting enterprise value. Too often organizations fail to realize their investment in these platforms as a result of competing priorities, legacy infrastructure, and lack of engagement with the business stakeholders the tools are meant to support.

Our team of professionals helps bridge the gap between technical and business requirements to develop or enhance an organization’s technology strategy. We draw from deep experience in enterprise software design and implementation as well as information technology (IT) and operational leadership. We engage with organizations across a scale of issues ranging from a single product or process to a broader strategic realignment.

We offer a range of support, including:

  • Technology and application portfolio evaluation
  • Program management
  • Interim chief information officer/chief technology officer/chief information security officer and project leadership
  • Product assessment and selection
  • Post-implementation business integration
  • Vendor outsourcing evaluation
  • Cloud strategy and planning
  • Enterprise architecture assessment
  • Merger planning and integration support
  • IT due diligence
  • Third-party assurance and oversight