Health and Safety 

Safety is the fundamental building block for Maintaining a sustainable and high performance operating system.

When employees are not worried about getting hurt, they’re free to think about their jobs and responsibilities more effectively. They're able to focus on how to deliver higher quality or improve specific areas of  performance. By increasing our awareness and attention to detail, we improve safety — which also improves efficiency.

Safety can and should be used as a strategic lever; and at Phoenix, we believe the safety of the workforce should be the first concern for any CEO. Companies that aspire to be World-Class must have safety as a core value. Safety and health are personal to every human being and can have a profound impact on their motivation and morale. Our employee-centric approach to improving safety is designed to build a sustainable, organic, internal capability.

The existence of a connection between safety and quality leads to measurable productivity improvements and a direct impact on your bottom line. It also leads to improved morale and increased productivity.