Financial Performance Improvement                                    and Value Enhancement

Phoenix has a strong track record of helping companies face new business challenges, deal with debt and capital structure issues, and pursue new growth strategies through acquisitions, mergers and capability integration.

Succeeding in each situation requires a strong blend of strategic, financial, and operational agility, as well as detailed plans for improving business operations and optimizing financial performance for stakeholders.

Phoenix provides a suite of services to help companies address core strategic, operational and financial challenges and turn these into opportunities to transform business performance and increase stakeholder value. Our professionals have held senior management positions including CEO, CFO, CRO, CSO and COO with major national and international corporations, mid-market companies, and equity firms. As operators, we understand the levers of rapidly improving profitability by driving revenue, reducing costs, optimizing resources, re-focusing markets and branding, and improving operational effectiveness.

Our services can help turnaround struggling companies, revitalize business divisions or new acquisitions, and expand go to market opportunities to meet the expectations of stakeholders, investors and equity sponsors regarding financial performance.

Our Performance Improvement related programs include:

  • Strategic & Operational Plan Advisory
  • Liquidity and Working Capital Improvement
  • Revenue Optimization and Improvement
  • Structural Cost and SGA Improvement
  • Customer and Market Development
  • Management & employee Performance Improvement
  • Operational and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Real Estate Portfolio Optimization and Value Enhancement
  • Restructuring Advisory and Debt Negotiation
  • Strategic and Operational M&A Services