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Phoenix leadership team know how to get people laughing and energized. We will conveniently get you to run a successful business. We specialize in teaching people how to use certain scenarios in everyday life, where they then utilize these as proven techniques in their work lives. We teach the essential, yet often overlooked or discarded, communication and listening skills that will consistently improve the quality of your work, home and social relationships.  

Listening - with true focus, staying in the moment.

Accepting - circumstances and what others bring to the table.

Supporting - making others look good.

Taking Competent Risks - trusting and using your intuition.

Letting Go of Mistakes - learn and move on We offer vital information in a format that's thoroughly entertaining and makes the discussion of key concepts both more resonant and memorable for your people.

The Goal - give them a great experience that will bond them socially and empower them in their work capacity. One more thing: We never forget the fun!